August 2020 Online Workshop Details

The workshop series includes group sessions, individual sessions, and our workbook!

  •  Group Workshop Sessions in August
    • August 1-3 Kick off session for parent(s)/guardian(s)
      • ​Group Webinar with expert advice
      • Opportunity for Q & A
    • August 3-9 Student Session #1 & #2
      • ​Group Webinar: Focusing On Your College Search
      • Group Webinar: Application Ins and Outs
      • Opportunity for Q & A
    • August 10-16 Student Session #3
      • Group Webinar: Essay Specifics

​                      **Sessions will be recorded and available to view                                once published

  • ​Individual Workshop Sessions August-October
    • One ​1:1 "Real Talk" Session: Let's talk about your specific wants and needs related to the college search
    • Two 1:1 Coaching Sessions: We can use these to brainstorm essay topics, proofread, focus, set goals, etc. We can use this however you like!! Most students will use this time for essay development and feedback.

​            **Sessions will be booked by students to meet their                             scheduling needs

  • ​Our Interactive College Admissions eBook
    • The eBook includes links, videos, worksheet pages, and helpful information all in one place.
    • We typically charge $25 for the eBook alone.
    • ​We will send you the eBook as soon as you register and receive payment.

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CreatiVE Learning Experiences

For the past 5 years our team of counselors, AP Readers, and trained teachers has been working with students to make the college admissions process easier to navigate. We want most or all of your application work to be done by September! Our College Admissions Workshop for the Class of 2021 begins this August, but registration is open now!REGISTER HERE

Cost $175(Before July 15)

        $200(After July 15)

Click Here To Register

We have developed a series of workshops that will: 

  • ​Walk you through the College Admissions Process
  • Focus on the strength of your essays
  • Provide time to be  working at the same time as a peer group with a peer group
  • Provide 1:1 consultation about your essays
  • Provide 1:1 consultation about your the strength of your transcript and honest feedback about your college choices
  • ​Help you be well on your way to finishing your essays before school starts in September
  • ​Be delivered Online and available from August 1- November 1
    • ​Students will be able to work through the course synchronously or asynchronously